Meet Automizy, the Platformly alternative

Automizy is an Email Marketing Platform that is designed to increase your open rates.


Improve your subject line before hitting send

The Subject Line Tester in Automizy grades your subject lines based on data from over 100K campaigns.
Even the most seasoned email marketer doesn’t have that kind of experience.

Track Results and Improve

Every email you send, every automation you set up is a little step toward a more successful business. We show you the analytics you need to make that little step be the key to your success.

  • Email performance metrics
  • Campaign analytics
  • Automation analytics
  • Form analytics

AB test automated emails.

Write up to 4 different subject lines for your automated emails.  Our multi-armed bandit algorithm optimizes and sends the variations with the highest open rates.

Hint: Combine it with the Subject Line Tester!

Collaborate and cooperate.

Unlimited users, unlimited sub-accounts. Work together with your team without any restraints.


Subscriber forms


Drag&drop email editor


Subject line tester (AI powered feature)

Send automatic cart abandonment emails for Shopify

AB test automated emails’ subject lines

In-depth analytics for Resends and AB tests

Send Time Personalization (AI powered feature)

Unlimited users for free



Connect any tool you use:

Integrate Automizy to your workflow with native integrations, Zapier or our Public API. 

Watch the Demo