24 Ways to Design Your Valentine’s Day Emails (+52 Subject Lines)

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19 Ways to Design Your Valentine's Day Emails featured image

In the world of email marketing, special occasions are about: more customer engagement and sales.

Since Valentine’s day is around the corner, email marketers are putting their heads crafting lovey-dovey killer Valentine’s Day email campaign ideas.

So this Valentine’s is going to be about BAE: Business And Entrepreneurship ?

To get inspired for your Valentine’s day email campaign, follow me in this guide where I share with you:

Now let’s get to it. 

Valentine’s Day in Data

Before we jump into Valentine’s day email marketing, it is preferred to understand some data ahead.

According to SEJ, over $13 Billion is being spent on Valentine’s Day. The average consumer spends $116.21, and every year it’s increasing.

The most shopped gifts are the following:

  • Cards, 52.1%
  • Candy, 47.5%
  • Dining, 34.6%
  • Flowers, 34.3%
  • Jewelry, 17.3%
  • Clothing, 14.4%

For both couples and singles, tangible gifts are not the only perfect products to sell for Valentine’s day. People are also looking to purchase experiences, such as date nights, movies, dining, and hotels.

Below, we included some of the best examples of Valentine’s day email subject lines and promotional email examples that top brands used. Check it out to get inspired.

52 Valentine’s Day Email Subject Line Examples

It’s time to come up with the subject line that stands out in the email subscriber’s inbox.

If you don’t get your subscribers to open your email, the rest of your email doesn’t matter.

Get inspired for your Valentine’s day email campaign subject line with these 52 examples.

  1. [title_replaced title=”Orbitz: See the ones you love, hot fares for Vday”]
  2. [title_replaced title=”Southwest: We’re in 💖 with these hot February fares”]
  3. [title_replaced title=”Sephora: Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him?”]
  4. [title_replaced title=”Birchbox: Valentine’s Day treats for you and yours”]
  5. [title_replaced title=”OpenTable: Soulmate or sidekick, buddy or beau”]
  6. [title_replaced title=”Tasting Table: A love connection on your couch”]
  7. [title_replaced title=”Jelly Belly: Sweets for your sweet”]
  8. [title_replaced title=”Tastes of Chicago: Love at First Bite”]
  9. [title_replaced title=”Wayfare Tavern: Wine and Dine With Your Valentine”]
  10. [title_replaced title=”Waits-Mast Cellars: 2/14 Valentine’s Day Special – 2 days only”]
  11. [title_replaced title=”David’s Tea: Sweet Gifts for Valentine’s Day”]
  12. [title_replaced title=”Gilt City: Love The One You’re With (Valentine’s Day Gifts For All)”]
  13. [title_replaced title=”Banana Republic: Red alert — it’s almost February 14″]
  14. [title_replaced title=”One Kings Lane: Silky sheets and sweet dreams for Valentine’s Day”]
  15. [title_replaced title=”Guess: The secret to your sexiest Valentine’s Day yet”]
  16. [title_replaced title=”Guess: Let us set you up this Valentine’s Day”]
  17. [title_replaced title=”Guess: Join us for a sexy special event”]
  18. [title_replaced title=”Nordstrom: Valentine’s Day gifts for the loves in your life”]
  19. [title_replaced title=”Anthropologie: Show your love with these great gifts”]
  20. [title_replaced title=”Gilt CityFabKids: What will you wear this Valentine’s Day?”]
  21. [title_replaced title=”HomeDepot: Surprise Your Valentine with Flowers”]
  22. [title_replaced title=”Uncommon designs: Bright designs for your bright love”]
  23. [title_replaced title=”LuLu: Be mine! Our Valentine’s shop is open 💖”]
  24. [title_replaced title=”theSkimm: I wrote you every day for a year”]

The inspiration is not over. Here’s a list of other top brands’ subject line examples for valentine’s day newsletter.

  1. [title_replaced title=”Will You Be Our Valentine?”]
  2. [title_replaced title=”Up To 65% Off Valentines Gifts!”]
  3. [title_replaced title=”Don’t Mess It Up – Last Day To Ship Valentine’s Day Gifts”]
  4. [title_replaced title=”It’s not too late to get that perfect Valentines Day gift!”]
  5. [title_replaced title=”A Charming Valentine’s Day | Two Days Left to Order”]
  6. [title_replaced title=”You Forgot It Was Valentine’s Day. Now What?”]
  7. [title_replaced title=”One for You, One for Your Valentine”]
  8. [title_replaced title=”Final Day To Order for Valentine’s Day”]
  9. [title_replaced title=”An Early Treat For V-Day…$50 Off!”]
  10. [title_replaced title=”Get 30% Off For Valentines Day!”]
  11. [title_replaced title=”❤️ is… 25% OFF”]
  12. [title_replaced title=”Valentine’s Day Is Sunday!”]
  13. [title_replaced title=”Happy Valentine’s Day | Save 30%”]
  14. [title_replaced title=”24 Hours Only! Save 20% On All Orders – Happy Valentine’s Day!”]
  15. [title_replaced title=”💖Take 30% Off Select Styles for Valentines Day!”]
  16. [title_replaced title=”Forget Valentine’s Day? We’ve Got You Covered”]
  17. [title_replaced title=”You are still on time for your #SexyValentine!”]
  18. [title_replaced title=”A Valentine’s Treat… 20% off!”]
  19. [title_replaced title=”Need a Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift?”]
  20. [title_replaced title=”What to wear for Valentine’s Day? 💖 Valentine Sale 50% Off Everything”]
  21. [title_replaced title=”Something special for your Valentine”]
  22. [title_replaced title=”15% Off All Necklaces – Drop a Hint this Valentine’s”]
  23. [title_replaced title=”It’s not too late: gift inspiration for Valentine’s Day”]
  24. [title_replaced title=”Don’t Forget… Valentine’s Day Is Sunday!”]
  25. [title_replaced title=”Not sure what to give for Valentine’s Day? ❤️”]
  26. [title_replaced title=”Better Than Roses: 30% off!”]
  27. [title_replaced title=”❤️ Love is all! Happy Valentine’s Day”]
  28. [title_replaced title=”Did You Forget? Today is Valentine’s Day!”]

You can also prove the strength of your subject lines with the Subject Line Scorer.

Using emojis in your valentine’s day email subject line could help you to stand out in your email subscriber’s inbox.  They’re fun, eye-catching and a creative combination that can undoubtedly make your email stand out from the crowd.

You can insert emoji symbols to your email subject lines with Automizy and experience the thrust yourself.

How to add emojis to your subject lines in Automizy

After you have composed your subject line, test it with our free tool, The Subject Line Tester to see which would perform better. It scores your subject lines based on data from over 1 million campaigns.

Subject Line Tester gif

We advise you to try Automizy’s email subject line generator which writes you subject lines based on your email copy.

Subject Line Generator gif
  • Step 1: Copy & paste your email content.
  • Step 2: Let Mizy read and analyze it.
  • Step 3: Copy, like and use the subject lines you prefer.

That’s it, 3 easy steps to further increase your open rates.

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24 Ideas to Design your Valentine’s Day Email Campaign (+28 Email Template Examples)

Your Valentine’s day email template design has a lot to do with the success of your overall email marketing campaign.

While you are creating your promotional email campaign, get inspired with these 24 ways to design your Valentine’s day email messages illustrated with 24 email template examples.

1. Comply with Valentine’s day colors

Square comes with a bang. What is the better way to grab your subscribers’ attention than data-driven email copy.

"Spread the love on Valentine's Day" email design

Unlike their usual brand colors, Square come with different shades of red to match with the special occasion.

“We occasionally break out of our standard product color themes for seasonal marketing.” – Chris Keene – Email Expert at Square

Beats by Dr.Dre came up with this pinkish email template, displaying products in colors matching perfectly the special occasion – the Valentine’s Day.

Beats "Don't mess it up, give beats" email template

They sent an image-heavy email that was clean and simple.

If you are launching new products on Valentine’s day, using the occasion’s color scheme is also a perfect idea for your product launch announcement emails.

2. Reward your most loyal customers

Path is celebrating valentine’s day with this promotional sticker pack

Path is celebrating valentine’s day with this promotional sticker pack. Clever illustrations and a clear call to action make this enticing.

3. Send love letter

A fresh look of Frank Body and the different content feel in their Valentine’s day letter. A lovely email template featuring a love letter. Plus, their subscribers have the option to send a love letter directly from the email.

Frank Body love letter example

4. Motivate customers’ referral

Catchy GIF used in this Valentine’s day email newsletter, bonus points for it being on brand color-wise. The messaging is clear and brief, letting the user know what the idea of the email is while keeping the copy short.

The main content area is the catchy section of the email, and the secondary section compliments it with further details and a wide call-to-action button.

5. Create romantic imagery

Great use of imagery and products’ display. Unlike most Valentine’s day email templates it is not a ‘red email’ but still romantic and represents the occasion.

Bose romantic imagery sample

Liking the layout mixed with romantic photography.

6. Spark contacts curiosity with mysterious gifts

This Valentine’s day gif example wins for 2 reasons:

  • It captures contacts attentions with the animated GIF
  • Sparks contacts curiosity with a mysterious gift
"Something really sweet just for you" email example

This great example shows how you can make your customers feel both special and curious and encourage them to click.

MOO "open the box" email example

Can you tell what’s in the box? Nope! The only way to do that is to click. Also, the header and CTA button are actionable to help encourage you to do just that.

Such Valentine’s email examples can only get trigger contacts’ curiosity and put them in the “I wanna know” mood.

'I wanna now" gif

7. Offer free shipping

Valentine’s day messages are not only about sending “I love you” to your contacts, instead it is an occasion to get creative and make your email stands out of the crowded inboxes.

New Balance wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day in the most creative style. The email template features the image of a classic New Balance shoe, with laces aligned in a heart shape.

Free shipping New Balance Valentine's email design

8. Offer special valentine’s day discounts

Give customers motivation to pick your store over a competitor. Offering limited-time discounts is an incredible method to pull in individuals who are intending to shop.

This beautiful sparkly and glittery Valentine’s Day email template can be used for anything from a restaurant promotion through to a special retail sale! Simple short copy, with clear black call-to-action button. Can’t be more direct than this:

9. Do not leave the single ones behind

On Valentine’s day, not all your contacts are in loving relationships, some of them might be single and you don’t want to leave those behind.

Singles Swag never leaves their solo subscribers behind on Valentine’s day, instead, they send the following Valentine’s email example.

Singles Swag Valentine’s email example

According to SEJ, over half of all consumers are single – so don’t forget them on Valentine’s Day. On average, single men spend $71 and single women spend $40 on Valentine’s Day.

10. Use animated GIF to put personality into your Valentine’s day emails

If an image is worth a thousand word, what can be the worth of an animated GIF in your Valentine’s email newsletter?

Here are some of the simplest, yet most appealing animated GIFs to include in your Valentine’s day email blast.

"If a good sale is the key to your heart, consider us your valentine"  animated GIF email template
animated GIF email template

11. Share Valentine’s day gift guide

Whether you’re newly dating, moving steadily along or in a truly committed relationship, choosing a gift is never an easy decision to make.

AEO sent Valentine’s day newsletter as a timeline to make sure their subscribers find the perfect gift.

AEO Valentine’s day newsletter

12. Display products for different genders and ages

Land’s End, a clothing retailer, comes with a Valentine’s Day newsletter, offering a little something for every member of the family. The products in each category are arranged as hearts.

Land's End Valentine’s day newsletter


13. Use ‘dating dictionary’ to craft unique email copy

Game.co.uk flipped the game with a unique email copy for gamer couples, they mainly ‘gamified’ the relationship dictionary with copy like:

  • The perfect ‘Plus one” for your console
  • Love on the line? Crush on these headsets
  • Make a date with your PS+
  • XOXO XBOX? Play together
"Love your game" Valentine's day email design

14. Show gratitude and love on valentines day

Your Valentine’s day email can be part of your thank you email campaign in which you demonstrate gratitude to your loyal subscribers and customers.

Here is an excellent gratitude Valentine’s email example that doesn’t include any sales copy or promoting any product.

Game "happy valentine's day" email template

You can get more personal with customers appreciation and put your team in front of the camera and share some love in your Valentine’s day email campaign.

"charity: water loves you!" Valentine’s day email campaign

Charity Water blew life and love to their email with the following animated GIF.

"charity: water loves you!" Valentine’s day email campaign

15. Promote your physical store for late gift shoppers

Valentine’s email campaigns are not exclusive only to online retailers. If you have a contact list you can benefit from the occasion and promote your physical stores.

This email campaign can be useful for late-shoppers who cannot wait for their product to be shipped and instead they can pick it up immediately from a nearby store.

Promote your physical store for late gift shoppers email example

16. Propose Valentine’s day email cards

Cards are the most purchased gifts during Valentine’s day with 52.1%.

The stats already are telling you that it is a good idea to propose Valentine’s day email card to your subscribers.

In the following email example, Scribbler promote their Valentine’s cards with a cute email design titled “Will you be my Valentine?” featuring several cards design.

This uses a special design trick with the YES checkboxes to capture the attention.

Scribbler "will you be my valentine?" Valentine email design

Swank also does it right by using a GIF in their animated Valentine’s day newsletter to promote their gift card. The CTA is large and prominent. With options to share the email on social platforms, the email is a perfect one for Valentine’s Day.

Swank "skip the flowers" email sample

17. Get poetic with your email copy

Roses are red poems are forever popular. For variety, you can change the lines a bit- or something else completely.  With so many possibilities, it just gets your creative juices flowing.

Poetic email copy and design for Valentine's day

18. Share Valentines-related products

Although gift-giving is an important part of Valentine’s Day, remember that people are at the center of it. So help your subscribers craft a plan for the day, with DIY ideas, and music playlists with romantic classics. A surprising example of this comes from Shutterstock.

Shutterstock "Time to snuggle up" email design

19. Offer free last-minute shipping

Every online shopper is a fan of overnight shipping, imagine if it’s free too? That is a winner for both customers and online retailers.

With automated email workflows, you can retarget the contacts in your email list that haven’t opened/clicked your previous emails and remind them that it is time to order for their Valentine’s day gifts.

With free overnight shipping as displayed in the example below, your customers will appreciate last-minute options, because it will help save them from being empty-handed on Valentine’s day.

Caudalie "You can't hurry love" email template

For contacts who still wouldn’t click your last-minute offer, you can take your email workflow further and send them an email where they can purchase a digital gift card at last.

20. Gamify your Valentine’s day email

Everyone is receiving Valentine’s day emails during January and February. And probably the 3rd and 4th email are not as exciting as it was with the first email.

That’s why you should try to surprise your audience from time to time. One of the ways to do that is with gamification.

Here is a gamified Valentine’s day email example that’s unlike other emails.

Email Monks gamified email template

21. Segment your audience by gender

Creating segments based on your subscribers’ demographics will help you reach the right subscriber with the right content and send targeted email campaigns.

Your female audience can be targeted with Valentine’s email to promote a product that they can buy for their partners.

With a creative copy, you can send males’ product to your females’ audience, and make it convert like no other campaign. 

Here is an example to inspire you.

SAXX Underwear gender segmentation Valentine's email design

22. Send event invitation email on Valentine’s day

Sending invitation emails as a part of your restaurant email marketing is a must.

On Valentine’s period you can increase the number of your booked tables with an invitation email to invite your subscribers for a Valentine’s Day special offer.

Celebrate Ventine's Day invitation email sample

23. Design a valentines email that matches your online store

Love is literally in the air in the following Valentine’s day email template.

This email draws attention to Tiffany & Co. website and the email looks exactly like it.

Tiffany & Co. "love is in the air" Valentine's day email example

24. Include those who don’t celebrate it

Your subscribers are not the same, some of them would enjoy a gift or a date night outside. Others would prefer staying indoors, Netflix & Chills.

Make sure you satisfy both customer categories.

Here is a humorous Valentine’s email newsletter sent by a delivery restaurant.

Orderup humorous Valentine's email newsletter by restaurant


Valentine’s Day is a special event. Your beloved subscribers expect special promotional deals from you. It is the opportunity to have a great start of the year sales.

We’ve done our part and shared with you the best Valentine’s day email subject lines and winner email design templates.

Now the ball is at your court, make the best out of the occasion and share with us your creative lovey-dovey email examples.

Happy Valentine’s Day 🥰

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